Download MYBILLSPAY App. Available on both APP Store and Google Play Market.

The MyBillsPay app makes it easy to pay anyone using your credit card.
Rent, School fees, borrowed money from friends - Literally anything! Download our app now.

3 Simple Steps

It'll only take a few minutes to pay your bills using MyBillsPay APP.

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Send money the safest way

You are in control of who you make the payment to. Just use their bank account details and your credit card to make the transaction.

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Safe & Secure

Verify your account's indentity with your chosen secure 256-bit encrypted passcode everytime you login & transact.

MyBillsPay doesn't store any of your credit card details. Security and safety is our main priority and we make sure that every transaction made on the MyBillsPay app is safest.

When you send money into a Bank Account using MyBillsPay App, there is a small fee that will be applied to the amount you pay from your credit card depending on the type of card you use. Sign-up to know more!